About Us

Girl Code Gains was co-founded by WBFF PRO Marguerita Vonral and PCA PRO Shannon Kerrigan. Over the years, we have transformed our bodies and mindsets through health & fitness – So now, by applying our extensive combined experience and knowledge, we are taking out the guess work and helping our tribe of amazing women to do the same!

Our fitness community is open to ladies of all ages, fitness levels and experience ranges who are looking to become their best selves. Our focus is on understanding your individual goals and providing you with the guidance, knowledge and motivation you need to achieve them.

Whatever your personal motivation – Whether your goal is being mindfully healthier, losing weight, increasing body confidence and fitness levels, adding muscle, ‘toning up’ or competing – Our goal is to educate and support our team in solid training and nutrition principles which will help you to become a stronger, happier version of yourself (inside and out!)


I have been weight training for around 5 years. After years of yo-yo dieting and cardio mistakes, I studied nutrition and learned how to create the body I want without restricting and punishing myself.

Weight training and proper nutrition has changed my outlook on life and given me a level of self-confidence I never thought I could have – My relationships, career and general happiness have changed completely, for the better. Sharing this with girls on the same journey is why we have started the Girl Code Gains community.

I have competed and achieved top placings within Miami Pro, UKBFF, IFBB and PCA – Gaining my PCA Pro Card in 2017 after winning internationally whilst representing PCA Team GB. I am also a PCA Official Judge and Axiom Posing & Stage Presentation coach.


I have been weight training for the best part of 3 years, Prior to that I trained in aerial acrobatics (performing and teaching the discipline) I had a strong upper body but desired a balanced physique that was both aesthetic and functional.

I found the gym at a particularly bad period of my life, suffering anxiety and depression the gym was the only place I could focus, the gym was simple, all I had to do was pick the weights up and put the weights down and I’d always leave feeling better mentally and emotionally.   The gym and the community that exists around the fitness lifestyle helped me overcome many struggles and I know it can do the same for others, which is why we have created the Girl Code Gains community.

I have competed in various federations including Nabba, Ibfa, Ukdfba and WBFF.  I jointly run the Scottish PCA show and I am a proud judge and member of the PCA Official Committee – a federation with the athletes at the core.  I am an Axiom Posing and Presentation Coach and run the UK’s No.1 bespoke bikini business M.VDesigns.    In 2017 I gained my Pro Card with WBFF in the Figure Diva Category and will be heading to Vegas in 2018 to compete at Worlds.