Custom 4 Week Plans

Custom 4 Week Plans

If you are not ready to commit to fully joining our team but would like some guidance in how you can work smarter to achieve your goals, our tailored 4 week plan is for you.

What does a GCG 4 week plan include?

  • Full initial & final check in (Day 1 & Day 28)
  • Training programme with detailed exercises, rep ranges & sets
  • Structured but flexible diet plan with suggested meals
  • Supplement guidance

The GCG training protocol

Based on our extensive knowledge and huge range of experience, Girl Code Gains Custom 4 Week plans include tailored training programmes to help you achieve your individual physique goals. Home workout options are also available.

The GCG nutrition protocol

We follow a structured but flexible dieting system. Your plan will be tailored to your personal goals, lifestyle and preferences whilst achieving maximum results. You will also receive a detailed list of options which will give you the tools to adapt your plan throughout the 4 weeks.

After payment is received, we will send out our registration forms and measurement tracker along with details on what we need from you to create your new plan and how we would like you to check in.

Get Started!

Our custom 4-week plans are created at a one-off cost of £80.