After having my 3rd child i spent 4 years on fad diets and killed myself with crazy cardio sessions. I was desperate to lose my jiggly belly. I’m now in month 2. In month 1 i dropped weight and lost a few inches around waist and hips. No fad diets in sight, eating the right amount of healthy food that my body needs with a mix of cardio and weight training to go with it. Its not just a training plan and food plan. The girls are there to support you every step of the way. If your food or training isnt suiting you they will help you get it just right for you. If are like me and were weight training virgin they also have all the exersises filmed so you can make sure you are doing everything properly. I am so happy i found girl code gains as not only are they helping me change nu body they are helping me change my mind set and life style!

Laurie Neil

Girl Code Gains Client

After a good few years of dieting and visiting the gym but not making much progress, I was looking for focus and support and these girls are amazing and provide it by the bucket load! Having followed their own successes on stage, I jumped at the chance to work with them and it’s been the best decision I ever made. By sharing their knowledge and experiences they are able to give very real, first-hand advice. They are knowledgeable, committed and dedicated to building strong women and their support is unwavering. I now feel confident in the gym, more knowledgeable about my training and nutrition and I’m seeing changes in my body and myself I didn’t think I ever would. Being part of the Girl Code Gains team is a game changer! #girlcodegainsforlife ?

Meaghan Watt

Girl Code Gains Client

I’ve been training with GCG under the guidance of Shannon and Mags now for two months and I honestly can’t believe the difference in my body and my mind since starting with them.

I feel I have made more progress in two short months, than in the past few years going at it alone. I have found the plan a breeze at times and challenging at times too but there would be no satisfaction in reaching our goals if there were not challenges and hurdles to have overcome along the way!

The girls are knowledgeable and available to answer any questions most of the time. And if they’re not available straight away, you have a team of girls on the private fb page who are there to lend a hand and offer support and advice when needed.

I can see me continuing with GCG for a long time. Totally inspired by these two ladies! You both motivate me daily!! #WCW

What’s better than having the guidance and support of two top athletes PLUS a team of like-minded girls!? Go on tell me!?

#GirlsGirls #TeamGirls #GirlsHaveSuperPowers

Sheree McPherson

Girl Code Gains Client